Sleek And Straight Goddess Hair Weave

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Growing natural hair that would look like Yaki Goddess Hair is a very difficult task for many people.  To have very long, sleek, and straight natural hair, a person would need to keep their hair healthy for many years because even under the best conditions, human hair takes a very long time to grow.  If the person’s natural hair is even a slight bit wavy they would need to invest in a straightening iron to give their hair that sleek and straight look.  The healthiness of their natural hair is represented by the sheen and the movement of the hair strands.  If their natural hair is not kept healthy as it grows, it will lose its sheen and it will get caught on things instead of fluidly moving across them.


Yaki Goddess Hair is available in a variety of lengths from eight to twenty inches.  This allows the wearer to choose a length that best suits the look that they want to achieve.  There is also a large selection of colors available for Yaki Goddess Hair.  The customer can find the basic shades of blacks, browns, blonds and auburns as well as some of the commonly sought blended or streaked looks.  The colors will stay beautiful; wash after wash, for the entire length of time the Yaki Goddess Hair is maintained, even up to the time when it is finally necessary to replace it.

Loose Deep Sensationnel Goddess Hair

One of the most gorgeous styles of Goddess Hair by Sensationnel is Loose Deep.  The long, loose waves seem to cascade down from the crown of the head and flow across the shoulders.  Loose Deep is very full and thick Goddess Hair style that is sure to please anyone that wants to have a head full of very voluminous hair.


One of the wonderful things about this style of Goddess Hair is that it will retain its wonderful gently rippling curls even after it is washed many times.  Loose Deep Goddess Hair is made of one hundred percent remi human hair strands and it does not lose its style like most regular human hair products are known to do when they are made wet.  The strands of Loose Deep Goddess Hair do not need to be restyled after shampooing, but the wearer can choose to use any type of heated styling tool to alter them so that this weave gives a more personal look and feel.  After the next shampooing, the beautiful flowing curls of the Loose Deep Goddess Hair will come back in the same condition that they were before any straightening, curling or other heated styling was done.  Of course, it is recommended that the wearer keeps the heated styling to a minimum so that they do not wear the hair out sooner than expected.  Although the strands of hair start out strong and healthy, they will eventually wear out because they no longer receive the nutrients that they need to stay that way.


Loose Deep Goddess Hair is available in a variety of lengths and colors that are sure to please anyone that enjoys such lush curls.  The strands of hair are the best quality that is available, yet the Loose Deep Goddess Hair is just as easy to wear and maintain as any other weave.  It can be sewn in and then treated in the same manner as natural hair.   With a sew-in, it is recommended that the Loose Deep weave not be left attached for more than six weeks.  During that time, there should be regular maintenance checks to see that the stitching is not coming undone.  By six weeks, the person’s natural hair will have grown enough that it cannot hold the weave as securely and it is best to have it removed.  If this is done carefully, the same hair can be sewn back on for an additional six weeks of wear.

I Like Goddess Hair Loose Body Weaves

When anyone asks me to recommend a wonderful weave for them to get, I immediately tell them that they should try the Goddess Hair Loose Body weave by Sensationnel.  This weave is the softest, flowing weave that I have ever worn and I rarely will wear anything but this particular weave.

Sometimes, when I recommend that someone tries the Goddess Hair Loose Body weave they tell me that it is very expensive and they cannot afford to purchase it and pay someone to attach it for them.  I let them know that I used to think like that, too.  I would buy inexpensive, lower quality weaves because I just could not work the price of a Goddess Hair weave into my budget.  It took me a while, but I finally realized that I paid less so I was getting less quality.  Those inexpensive weaves were horrible and barely lasted a week before I had to replace them.  When I looked at my expenses, I noticed that replacing those horrible weaves as often as they needed it would end up costing me close to the price of a Goddess Hair weave.  I decided that I would go without a weave for a while and save my money so that I could buy a Goddess Hair weave.  I really liked the way the Loose Body weave looked and that was the first one that I bought.  That first Goddess Hair weave stayed soft and beautiful without any tangles for almost eight weeks.  I had to have it taken out only because my natural hair had grown long enough that the stitching of my sew-in was coming loose.  It was still in great condition and my hair stylist told me that after a short break for my natural hair, she would be willing to sew the same Goddess Hair Loose Body weave back on a second time.  I could not believe that I was getting close to sixteen full weeks of wonderful hair with no additional costs.

If people look at buying a Goddess Hair weave the way that I finally looked at it, they would see that they are paying more for this type of weave because they are getting the highest quality of remi human hair.  This hair is healthy, strong and durable when it is harvested and that helps it last much longer than the lower quality hair used in the cheaper weaves.

Body Goddess Hair Weave By Sensationnel

Sometimes, just a little bit of body can make all the difference.  Sensationnel’s   Goddess Hair remi weave collection has an easy, yet beautiful style that is simply called Body.  It does not claim to have tons of curls or sleek straightness.  This Goddess Hair weave is simply a full, thick head of hair with a bit of texture.

This wonderful Goddess Hair weave style is great for the person that simply wants to have a little more volume or length without the excess flair of curls or the stiff look of straight hair.  The Goddess Hair weave called Body can be worn in an elegant up-do adorned with iridescent beads or sprigs of flowers for a sophisticated or romantic event.  It can also be pulled back into a pony tail or held out of the face with a headband for those occasions that are more casual.  Of course, wearing this style of weave as it is will also gain the wearer lots of great compliments.


The Goddess Hair weave called Body can be attached in the same manner as any other type of weave.  It is, however, recommended that a professional hair stylist be hired to do it.  That is mainly because this type of hair is the best that is available and it can be quite costly to replace.  By having a professional do the attachment, it is less likely that there will be any type of problem that could ruin the Goddess Hair.  If a professional does run into a problem while attaching this weave, they will be more likely to know the best way to handle it before it gets to the point of all or part of the hair needing to be replaced because it is ruined.

The Body Goddess Hair weave is not prone to tangling.  That is because it is remi hair that comes from healthy people who grow it for the company and do not treat their hair with any type of harsh chemicals while it is growing.  Sensationnel requires that the human hairs that are used for this type of Goddess Hair weave have the entire outer layer of the hair shafts, or cuticles, in perfect condition.  Under a microscope, the cuticle looks like close fitting shingles when the hair is healthy.  It is that close fit of the layers of the cuticle that allow the hairs to glide over one another instead of getting caught and tangling.

Tips On Having Weaves Sewn In

We all know that it is very important that the process of sewing in a weave is done properly in order for the weave to last.  It is also important to start with quality weave hair and the best on the market is Goddess Hair by Sensationnel.

Once you have found the perfect style of Goddess Hair for the look that you want, you will need to find someone to assist you in attaching it to your head.  Although some people prefer to have a relative or friend assist with this, it is recommended that a professional sew in your Goddess Hair weave.  In fact, you should search for a professional hair stylist that has had a lot of experience sewing in weaves.  If you already have a regular hair stylist that is not familiar with sewing in weaves, they will usually recommend another stylist that they know will do a good job with sewing in your Goddess Hair weave.  Some people are afraid to ask their regular hair stylist because they do not want to offend them by going to someone else to have their Goddess Hair sewn in.  If your hair stylist truly cares about your well being and the health of your natural hair, they should be more than happy that you asked for a recommendation from them instead of going behind their back and choosing someone on your own.

Now that you have your Goddess Hair weave and a reputable hair stylist lined up, you are ready to go through the process of having your weave sewn in.  If this is your first time doing this, you should discuss the process with the hair stylist so that you are aware of what can be expected.  Sewing in an entire head of Goddess Hair can take at least four hours and sometimes quite a bit more time is needed.  During the process, you need to be sure that you are communicating with the stylist about what is happening.  The first thing that is usually done is to braid the natural hair close to the scalp.  It is up to you to tell your stylist if your hair is being braided so tightly that it is uncomfortable because you will need to deal with the tension on your hair for the six to eight weeks that the Goddess Hair weave will be attached to your head.  The weave hair will be sewn onto the braids of your natural hair.  You will also need to let your hair stylist know if the stitches are being pulled too tight and causing you discomfort.  Once your Goddess Hair weave is completely sewn in, your hair stylist can trim or style it so that it has a more personal look that suits your facial shape and natural features.  Before you leave the hair salon, you need to be sure that you are clear on any care and maintenance instructions that the hair stylist gives you for your Goddess Hair weave so that you can keep it looking great until it is time for it to be removed.

Loose Body Goddess Hair Weave

The Loose Body Goddess Hair weave is a gorgeous looking weave from Sensationnel.  The texture of the wave is loose and gives the hair strands just enough body without being too full or too straight.  This Goddess Hair weave is great to wear for all sorts of special events or simply as an everyday look for work or for school.  When it is sewn in, this hair can be enjoyed for weeks on end with the proper care and maintenance.  Many wearers find that at the end of that time period, their Loose Body Goddess Hair is still in wonderful condition and can actually be sewn back in after a brief period of allowing their natural hair a break from being braided down and covered with the weave hair.

There are many places where you can purchase the Loose Body Goddess Hair weave, but it will generally cost around the same amount of money because the manufacturers set a base price when they sell it to the retailers.  Like all of the other styles of Goddess Hair weaves, Loose Body is made from only the finest strands of remi human hair.   Sensationnel takes every measure to be sure that the strands of hair that are used for their Goddess Hair weaves are the healthiest and strongest hairs available.  The people that grow the hair are restricted so that they do not do anything during growth that could cause damage to any of their hair, including the use of chemical treatments to alter the color or texture of their hair.  They must maintain their own health so that the hair can get the proper nutrients that it needs to build a strong cuticle layer.  The cuticle layer is the outer most layer of the hair strand.  If the cuticle is not healthy and formed properly, it will be rough and the strand of hair will get caught on other hairs and tangle easily.  Not only does Sensationnel insist on the best care while the hair is growing, but they also take care that the hair strands are handled properly throughout the process of making them into the Goddess Hair weaves.  All of the Goddess Hair strands remain aligned with the root ends at the top so that they flow and move in the same manner as they did while being grown.  It is the high quality of this hair that makes it well worth the higher price.

Tips For Cleaning Goddess Hair Weaves

Taking care of your Goddess Hair weaves is a very simple task.  However, the most important thing that you need to remember is to follow the instructions that are given to you by the professional hair stylist or other person that attached your Goddess Hair weave for you.  If their information differs from what is listed here, you should do things as they tell you, or at least discuss the differences with them, in order to be sure that you are giving the proper care to your weaves.

All Goddess Hair weaves are created out of one hundred percent human hair, but the same hair care products that are used on your natural hair might not be beneficial to the hair of your weaves.  Your natural hair is still connected to your body’s blood supply and therefore it continues to receive nutrients and oils that it needs to stay healthy and retain moisture.  The human hair strands of your Goddess Hair weave no longer have access to those nutrients and oils.  If not treated with the proper hair care products, your Goddess Hair weaves could deteriorate more quickly than expected.


Your Goddess Hair weave should be washed at least every seven days.  Before you start washing, you should gently run your fingers through the hair to remove any tangles that might be there.  Rather than start at the crown, it is best if you start a few inches from the tips and draw your fingers all the way down and then start a little higher with each stroke.   By doing it this way, you will not cause excess tension where your Goddess Hair weave is attached if you happen to come across a bad tangle.  Detangling from the crown down, whether using fingers, a comb or brush could cause tenderness at the attachment sites or even pull them loose a little.  Repeatedly doing this could lead to sores on the scalp or weaves that need to be professionally reattached.

After all of the tangles are removed, your Goddess Hair weave can be washed with a proper shampoo and lukewarm water.  Be sure that the strands of hair are not being twisted or rubbed because that will damage them.  Thoroughly rinse the shampoo from the weave and apply a small amount of an appropriate conditioner, then thoroughly rinse again.  Gently squeeze out any excess moisture and pat dry with a thick, absorbent towel.  The use of a hair dryer or other heated tools should only be done if approved by the person that attached your weave.  If possible, it is always best if you can allow your Goddess Hair weaves to air dry.

French Weave Goddess Hair

For a very full mane of beautiful hair, the Goddess Hair called French Weave is absolutely the best.  This gorgeous Goddess Hair has great volume, but it won’t weigh you down since it does not feel heavy when it is attached on your head.  The reason for that is that the soft curls throughout the French Weave Goddess Hair style actually help spread the strands of hair apart and leave pockets of air in between them.  This gives it that fuller than normal look that many people want these days without the heaviness of actually having natural hair that is so full.  In addition, this weave does not make the wearer feel exceptionally warm as they might with a natural head of hair that was this full.


Even though it looks like it is very full, and could possibly be considered wild, the French Weave Goddess Hair can easily become calmer looking by doing things such as pulling it back in a pony tail.  The versatility of this style of Goddess Hair weave allows the wearer to do many other things, too.  Since it is made from only the finest strands of remi human hair it is very durable and capable of being treated in almost an identical manner to one’s natural hair.  Straightening irons can be used to give an overall sleek look or to simply smooth out parts of the hair.  However, there is no need to worry about trying to bring back the original full look of this Goddess Hair weave when you no longer want it to look straightened.  Whenever you wash your French Weave Goddess Hair with shampoo or simply wet it thoroughly, the strands of hair will return to a beautiful full mane of hair and it will look as it did when you first had it attached to your head.


It is easier to go from having hair styled with a full body look to a straight and sleek look, instead of the other way around.  Trying to make a straight weave, or natural hair look as full as the Goddess Hair French Weave would take a lot of effort and time, whether in your home or at a beauty salon.  That is why it makes great sense to purchase the French Weave and allow your self the joy of having a full hair style that will often elicit compliments from people nearby.

Guide To Goddess Hair Weaves

Some people may be a little leery of purchasing any type of Goddess Hair weaves because they are made from the highest quality strands of human hair that are available and they think that the hair strands are delicate and need to be handled with utmost care.  They worry that they might accidentally do something wrong that damages the hair strands and ruins the Goddess Hair weave.  What they do not realize is that, although the Goddess Hair is very high quality, it is also very durable and can withstand the use of heated styling tools, styling products such as gels and hair spray, as well as daily maintenance.


When someone selects one of the various Goddess Hair weaves, they are choosing remi hair that went through a lengthy process where it was protected every step of the way from damaging chemicals and unhealthy situations that might cause damage to the outer layer, or cuticle, of the hair shafts.  Due to this level of protection, the hair is as healthy and strong as possible when it is harvested.  Since it is in such great condition, it will generally last longer than the hair of most regular human hair weaves.  In addition, during the harvesting and the rest of the process of making the hair into Goddess Hair weaves, the strands of hair are always kept aligned so that all of the root ends are at the top and all of the tips are at the bottom.  This alignment keeps the strands of hair from becoming tangled when they move against each other so the Goddess Hair weaves are easier to manage while being worn.

There is a variety of different textures, styles, lengths and hair colors available for those that chose to purchase Goddess Hair weaves.  Once the weave is attached to the person’s head a Goddess Hair weave can generally be treated just as natural hair is treated.  The wearer can use hair color, perm solutions, heated styling tools and hair styling products to alter the look of their weave.  In fact, there are even some people that choose to have their weave trimmed in order to give it a more personal look that compliments their features.  It is important, however, to remember that excessive styling, especially with heated tools and chemicals can accelerate the rate of wear on the hair strands and that trimming the hair cannot be undone.

French Refined Goddess Hair

One of the most glamorous and romantic hair textures can be found when purchasing a package of French Refined Goddess Hair by Sensationnel.  This hair is beautiful, soft and full of luscious curls that are sure to attract a lot of compliments.  It does not matter whether your natural hair is super kinky or bone straight, because this hair has a texture that falls between those two extremes and gives a natural look to anyone that wears this wonderful weave that is made by Sensationnel.

French Refined Goddess Hair weaves come in a variety of hair colors from the basic solid shades of blacks, browns, blonds and auburns to ones that are streaked or highlighted with several choices of colors or shades of the basic colors.  You can purchase the French Refined Goddess Hair that most closely matches the color of your natural hair or you can mix things up a little and surprise the people that you know by going for a totally different look.  In fact, since the French Refined Goddess Hair is one hundred percent remi human hair you can even use hair coloring to dye it a different color while you still have it sewn in.  This gives even gives you the option of adding streaks of less conventional colors such as bright pink, orange, blue, purple or any other color you desire.


When you purchase your French refined Goddess Hair you can choose from a variety of lengths.  If for some reason you cannot find the length that is perfect for you, there is always the option of having your hair stylist trim your weave after installation so that it will look the best on you and compliment your natural features.  Perhaps some straight or side sweeping bangs could be just the thing to make your French Refined Goddess Hair even more personalized to fit your look.

Sensationnel ensures that your French Refined Goddess Hair weave is made out of the highest quality strands of remi human hair.  It is strong and very durable so it can be styled, colored, or permed in the same manner as you would do these things to your natural hair.  Of course, it is best not to overdo it with lots of heated styling and products applied to your weave.  If your Goddess Hair is subjected to an overabundance of styling changes you run the risk of damaging the hair fibers and causing your weave to look old and worn out long before it would normally wear out.

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